1. The following have been added to the downloads area:

    • DWI Extreme - The Best of Moto Blanco Megamix
    • Otaku’s Dream - 8th Anime Mix, 9th Anime Mix, 10th Anime Mix

    Files are still in the process of uploading but should be complete within a few hours. 

  2. All links on the directory page have been checked and ones no longer working correctly have been crossed out. 

    If you know of any sites not on the list but should be, please get in touch so we can add it!

  3. Downloads are now back online, and the SMD domain has been renewed for another year. 

    You can visit the downloads by clicking on “SMD Downloads” at the top, or going directly to: http://simfile.stepmaniadirectory.com

    I will be working to start adding more files again to help host/mirror. If you have suggestion please us the “Ask” link up top to get in touch!

  4. Simfile downloads are temporarily down while I decide if I want to continue to help host them or just make this site what it originally started as - a way to keep track of all the StepMania sites out there, and provide updates on those sites in one place for everyone.

  5. The following websites were added to the directory page


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