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What's this site all about anyways?

It was started back in 2006 as a personal list of websites offering downloads, and other resources for Stepmania. After seeing the need for a central list of websites, and one that was regularly maintained and checked that all links work, I decided to publish it online. It originally started out being hosted with my .Mac subscription, but eventually moved up and bought the first domain it lived under: (the domain is no longer used, but still owned by me).

Eventually I moved it to it’s current home, and have been running it ad-free since 2006. I continuously add new sites, as well as update the current ones to ensure they are all working. When the site was first started there were lists of all downloads offered on each site and an update was published weekly of what new downloads each site offered. As the list grew, it became hard to publish that post and maintain lists for websites.

Wait, I see there are downloads as well. And they are free?!

After seeing how useful (and successful) StepMania Directory had become, I decided to start helping to host downloads. I keep it limited to only packs since there are several sites that you can host individual simfiles on. There are only a few so far, but the list will be growing as I start having time to get them uploaded and added. They will always be offered for free, no ads, no waiting. I welcome those looking for hosting help as an alternative to hosting sites such as MediaFire and such that are covered in ads, and require you to wait before downloading. I do not appreciate hot-linking, but if you own the pack and wish to provide a link on your site, I am more than happy to allow the needed sites access.

If you appreciate the service, the same appreciation is always welcome back. Link backs to my site are also very welcome to help spread the word.

Who runs the site and how involved are they in the community?

The site is run solely by me, Amanda M, and has been since the beginning. I run my own personal site, as well as a few other ones (links on my site). I am also one of the admin of the official Stepmania forum, and help with going through entries for the StepMix contests. I try to keep up-to-date with the rest of the community, and am registered on other sites (though do admit my participation has been low lately due to lots of life events going on).

I am available online for anything from a quick questions to random chatting.

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